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You all know by now that Jordan Eberle has signed an extension with the Oilers for six years at $6M per season. He joined teammate Taylor Hall who signed a seven year extension back in August.

This bodes well for the future of the Oilers for sure. I am happy to have the two cornerstone players of the future locked up long term.

The numbers that Hall & Eberle signed for, is obviously now set as the bench mark for the top end talent in Edmonton. Ryan Nugent-Hopkins will need to continue to play well to sign a similar extension at the end of next season. That's a nice bit of incentive if you ask me.

The Boys Are Back In Town...

The Oilers web site has a new video posted for the arrival of the player in town for training camp. Ryan Jones, Sam Gagner, and Eric Belanger all comment on their summers, camp, and the impending lock-out.

I have been looking forward to camp since the season ended back in April. It has been a very long summer for Oiler Fans yet again.

All We Can Do Is Wait...

With talks now suspended between the League and the Players Association, this fan is wondering if there will be a season at all. 

As a devoted fan and one who actually uses my season tickets, I am furious with both the League and the  Players for putting us through this shit for a fourth time in the last two decades. Barring giving up my tickets, I wish there was something that I could do to make the League (Players included) understand that they are destroying the game in the name of the almighty dollar. MY DOLLAR!

But, it seems that neither League nor the Players Association give a damn to figure this crap out in the name of the fans that support them. So we sit and wait for the inevitable deal to be made, and Hockey to resume. Hopefully sooner rather than later!!

GO Oilers GO!

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  1. Good stuff. Thanks for a Ryan Jones interview that doesn't mention his hair.

    So tired of hearing about his "flow". Just shut up and play hockey. Or don't play hockey, depending on how it goes...


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