Wednesday, August 22, 2012



It was announced today by General Manager of the Edmonton Oilers, Steve Tambellini that Taylor Hall has signed a seven year contract extension for a reported 42 Million dollars. 


 This is a great deal for both the player and the team and is right in line with other comparables like the recent Jeff Skinner contract at $6.6 million / season. I love the fact this contract takes Hall ten years into his career, and is not out the realm of reality in terms of the salary cap.

Now... your probably wondering about Jordan Eberle and when we will all know  if and when he will sign. the question is for how much and how long. TSN reported yesterday that the negotiations with the Eberle camp is "on going." I hope that the contract extension that Eberle is offered is along the same lines as the Hall contract. Eberle did get more points last year, and was 22nd over-all in the draft, unlike Hall who was 1st over-all. Hall was injured last year and may have out scored Eberle in the end if he remained healthy. Personally I would like to see another seven years for Eberle with similar dollar value. But my guess is the if Eberle gets more money per season, it would likely come with a 5 or 6 year term,


The announcement comes on the heels of CBA negotiation meetings being cancelled today to resume tomorrow. Hopefully this is just some sort of scheduling conflict or other such arbitrary incident, rather than a sign that the two sides are at a stand-off type scenario.

The thing that puzzles me about this whole thing though is, that you would think the owner of the Oilers, Darryl Katz had to sign off / authorize a $42 Million dollar expenditure by Steve Tambellini. Yet, the owners in the CBA negotiations, are trying to limit contracts to 5 years max. This smells very hypocritical to me.

I love the deal, I love Hall's game, and I am very happy that this deal got done.

GO Oilers GO!

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