Sunday, January 6, 2013



So the lockout ended today with news that a tentative deal has been reached. A new 10 year CBA will be sent for ratification from both the players and the owners. A formality that expects to be completed quickly and games back on the ice by either the 15th (50 game sched) or the 19th (48 game sched) of January.


While I am happy to be able to watch the game I love again, I am still very bitter and frustrated with the lockout. Many questions were raised on my Twitter timeline this morning. one that I found interesting was by @oilonwhyte my former colleague over at he writes...

So how does the NHL "make whole" for the fans? What should they do / offer to show that you are valued?

and I responded with this...

 i think they should fire bettman. That would make me believe they are truly sorry. 

I honestly believe that if the Commissioner's job is not in jeopardy after three labour disputes on his watch, then the Ownwers / Board of Governors are not paying attention or just don't care that much about the game. 

Fortunately the new CBA is supposedly a 10 year deal so, at least this won't happen again for at least 7-8 years, but if the NHL truly feels shame towards their fans, and want to make it up to us, then they need to fire Bettman today.

It may be un-realistic after a 100+ days of negotiations to ask that this happen right now, but it needs to happen!

The NHL is a gate driven league and alienating the fans with labor disputes, especially in struggling markets, is the worst possible scenario for those teams. I wonder how Phoenix will do this abbreviated season?


It will be interesting see ttraining camp start in the next few days. I will also be very interested to see if the Oilers use the rumored two buy-outs on players has been apparently agreed on with the new deal. I guees we will have to wait and see.


If I have any readers left from the boycott of promoting hockey by blogging that I have done the last several months, then please let me know how you feel about the lockout and subsequent return of hockey this year.



  1. I am done. People that support this garbage and this cash grab are foolish and blind. Pull your heads out of your ass, grow some balls and boycott this shit until it is fixed. It's because all of you zealots that the nhl is so fucked. Blame yourselves for the state of hockey because you keep supporting crap. 14 yr season tix holder saying fuck you to nhl. You'd be smart to do the same....

  2. I don't know how I feel right now. Been watching Sons of Anarchy all weekend (seasons 2 & 3) and haven't given hockey a second thought. Never opened twitter, never read any news until my phone came out with a bunch of alerts. I stopped caring, stopped thinking or even hoping there would be a season. So now what? They hope we come sashaying back with bells on? Well too bad for them that they pissed around long enough for me to stop caring, that they lied and bs'ed enough that I have no positive feelings at all about this league of liers and small small men.

    That said, I will pvr the oilers games and ff past the ads as always. Is it always going to be my top priority to watch them like it used to be? I don't know. Maybe in a while. But right now, I just don't care that much anymore.

  3. If you choose to continue on, attending games and buying merchandise like nothing happened, that's your right, the experience will likely continue to fulfill you. I would like to see an ounce of consideration for the hockey fan through all of this though, by continuing to support the NHL, we are endorsing this behavior (lockout) we need a voice in the proceedings, right now our only voice is our wallet. I say boycott until we get some assurance it won't happen again.


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