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Monday, August 20, 2012



I have not had much to say on the CBA negotiations that are currently in a stale-mate status. I just want it known that regardless of the issues on either side, the ones that suffer are the fans. I do not know the in-&outs of the negotiations, I am basing how I feel on listening to sports talk radio and reading the web just like most of you.

As a fan of the game, who has seen a rise in my ticket prices consistently over the course of last seven years that I have purchased my season seats, I am somewhat offended by billionaires fighting with millionaires over those dollars. Now you're probably saying to yourself..."well if you really feel that way, show them who's boss and cancel your tickets." 

The main reason that I won't do that, is they are too hard to get once you give them up. There is a three year waiting list in this town for tickets, and I for one want to be one of the first in my seat when the new arena is finally completed. 

Being somewhat between a rock and a hard place when it comes to being able to voice my displeasure to the owner of the Oilers, I have a bitter taste in my mouth over this whole thing.

The players tried to curry favor with the media and fans by suggesting that they will play the season without a deal in place by the September 15th deadline. And, by showing they are willing to give up some of the split for current dollars generated. Don't kid yourselves though, in my opinion, they want to play in order to get paid. I will say that the players seem to be the only ones trying to give something to compromise at this point.

No matter what happens, if there is no hockey this year any fans left in Columbus and Phoenix will probably throw in the towel. and the casual fans of other smaller struggling markets like in Florida, will probably fly the coop as well. As a gate driven league like the NHL is, this will definitely hurt the bottom line for all concerned.


As an Oilers fan, the positive that I can see coming out of a no season lock the fact that we will most likely be a lottery team again in the 2013 draft. I do not want this to happen, I am not hoping for this to happen...but if it has to happen, then I want the better pick because of it.

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  1. Much like the last season lost, a lottery will occur and based on this lottery, new seeds will arise.

  2. In addition, If I remember correctly, the last season played has no barring on your chances of winning the draft.

  3. i don't recall how it worked back when the last lockout occurred to be honest. but, there must be some kind of system based on what place each team finished the last season that was played. otherwise the stanley cup champs could end up with a number one pick. either way, i want a full season to be played, but i am trying to look on the bright side (a new concept for me) of a lock out where no season is had.


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