Wednesday, February 23, 2011


What's the Hold UP???

I get that Steve Tambellini is trying to maximize his return on any player transaction he has in mind with the trade deadline looming. I also get that he is dealing from a position of strength. I sit and watch all the deals that have been this past little while, I wonder if Tambellini isn't going to make a deal at all, or if the reasons above are truly why he's waiting. it seems to me that other teams are paying a premium now. I hope we don't miss the boat, hoping to land a big fish.

I'm also curious if Tambo would take a flyer on a guy like Craig Rivet, being that we need help on the blue line. A veteran like Rivet might be a stop gap measure. I get that his point production is almost zero, and that he's a minus player, but maybe all he needs is a change of scenery. His cap hit is 3.5 million, but he's a UFA next if it doesn't work out, then you could let him go at the end of the season.

What we need is a gritty veteran, and I don't know enough about Rivet to comment on whether he is or isn't gritty.

There were quite a few players that were out on waivers yesterday and today. I wonder if Oiler management have any interest in any of them. 


I read that McIntyre, Fraser, and Strudwick are all playing tonight. Strudwick I get as Chorney is hurt (knee) but to take out Omark in favor of McIntyre...? I'm not sure who they think Smack is going to deter on the Av's...David Koci? I don't get it. It's nice to see Smack get some ice, but I thought we were trying to win games. At least thats the message. It gets a little muddled (the message that is) when i see this kind of thing.

Game's on...

GO Oilers GO!

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