Wednesday, October 6, 2010

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It's time to get into it now, here goes...

It was announced today that Shawn Horcoff has been made the 13th captain of the Edmonton Oilers. You can read the official announcement here:|EDM|home this is the only real option the team had as far as a Captain is concerned. He's been here the longest, works hard, is a community oriented guy and above all gives it his all every game. Personally I would've liked it to be a more difficult choice. It would be nice to be able to say that there was no clear candidate as there are 3 or 4 guys that the above could be said about. With the addition of Ryan Whitney, this may become true at a later date, but I think a few more guys need to step up in the leadership role.

The deadline to trade Sheldon Souray ends at 3:00 pm ET today which is in 50 mins as I write this. My feelings about this whole scenario has been written here a day ago, and I won't get into it again, but whether he plays for this organization in the AHL or whether they "loan" (banish) him to another team, they are still paying him a huge dollar amount. I truly believe this situation has been mishandled on both sides, and it'll be interesting to see how it all shakes out.

I wanted to write a little about what I saw in training camp and pre-season this year. the players that impressed me the most were; Linus Omark, Magnus Paajarvi, Shawn Horcoff, Richard Petiot, and Jordan Eberle. In my opinion, some players (Omark, Belle, and others) didn't get the same opportunities as the other young skilled forwards got. I believe that training camp should be for the player that do the best, get the job. but that's just me. Pre-season games were good in the beginning but tailed off near the end in terms of excitement. It might've had to do with the opposition getting closer to NHL rosters as time went on, while Edmonton iced AHL Players throughout.

Tom Renney ran a very good systems camp with lots of white-board work and drills on ice. As a fan in the stands, it would've been nice to see more scrimmage action. I truly think that Renney will be exactly what this team needs going forward. That is not dis-respect for Pat Quinn, I just think that Tom will be a better fit for the younger guys. For whatever that's worth.

I am not sure what the team is trying to acheive by carrying 3 goalies?? but either way you risk losing one of the kids to waivers, so why not just make your choice and hope you can squeak one through so you don't lose him. Personally, I don't think either one of them is ready for the NHL based on what I have seen. And if anyone can tell me why all the pundits and talkshow hosts in this town seem to think Devon Dubynik has the insde track on making the team, please fill me in as I don't understand it. If it's all about contract, then I get it. but for play, I don't understand at all.

Tomorrow night opens the regular season and I will be there tweeting from the game( ) if the @#$%ing stupid Telus Network will allow me to do that. I have had nothing but shitty service in the rink! 

I hope we see more of what we saw in the first pre-season game against Calgary this year....MORE FIGHTS and a win would be nice too! The battle of Alberta has been pretty one-sided in the last year (edmonton 0, Calgary 6), and I would like to see a cranked up physical game from the mighty oil . if we can't get the wins, I want the Flamers to know that when they come ain't goin to be easy!

please post a few comments and tell me if you like this blog, hate it, think I'm a genius or a !@#$ing idiot. I don't care just let me know what you think.

GO Oilers GO!

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